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'You're Not Alone' is a Sunderland-based online resource in collaboration with Washington Mind, encouraging and supporting young people in their engagement with creativity as a self-help tool. 


We want to celebrate the strength of our young people by showcasing their resourcefulness during a time when the world seems to be against them. 

Most people feel lonely sometimes, for many different reasons, and we know that loneliness means something different for everyone. But, feeling connected to others can help to feel less lonely. The aim of 'You're Not Alone' is to allow young people to inspire other young people to cope through creativity.

About Us

Creativity & Wellbeing


So what do we mean by creativity and wellbeing? 

Expressing yourself through creative mediums can be used as a distraction tool, to help contemplate our thoughts and feelings, and as a means of self-development. 

Creativity is uniqueness, inventiveness, and originality. That's why being creative can be so useful as a self-help tool, it's unique to you, invented by you and original; it's yours.


Whether that be art, writing, music, poetry, photography, or anything else, utilising creative outlets can have a positive impact on our emotional wellbeing. 

Why should you care about 'You're Not Alone'? We know that everyone uses different strategies to take their mind off the stressful things in life, we know everyone has different problems and different stuff going on, and we know that everyone deals with that differently.

And that right there is why you should care about ‘You’re Not Alone’. We don’t want to tell you that ‘doing this’ or ‘doing that’ will help, because we know that one thing doesn’t work for everyone. We want to know what strategies you use and how you deal with things and use that to shape what we’re doing. It’s a unique project ran by you. 

So What?

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