Our Inspirations through Lockdown..

Lockdown has been different for everyone. It might have been boring and a bit tricky, but it has also gave us time to reflect, and do things we would normally be too busy to do. One thing is definite, lockdown has provided us with time to really appreciate the good in our society. That's why this article was the perfect way to show people what the young people in our area have been doing, and how they really are a true inspiration to us all...

Jack Berry (age 13) and Maisie Jones (age 8)

Jack and Maisie have went the extra mile to raise funds for two NHS charities in the North East by walking 100,000 steps during lockdown! Having autism himself, Jack really wants to show everyone how children with autism do care so much about others, and break down the stigma that those with autism lack empathy. Not only are they raising money for the NHS during a global pandemic, but they are also breaking down the stigma surrounding autism which is absolutely amazing.

Jack (13) and Maisie (8)

Jack's Mam said, "The most important thing that we have learnt from all of this is the development of togetherness and unity.   The unity has provided both children with a developed level of kindness from within"

It is absolutely fantastic to see our young people using their time to do such positive things for our community, especially under these current circumstances.

If you would like to donate to Jack and Maisie's Just Giving page to raise money for NHS charities in the North East, follow this link:

Jessica Hannington (age 15)

Jessica has been nominated for her amazing attitude throughout lockdown. Jessica has autism and has really struggled with the change in routine that lockdown has caused, and the lack on socialising with her friends which I'm sure alot of people can relate to! Despite this, she has managed amazingly well. Not only has she managed to complete all her school work, but she's been helping round the house and using her time wisely to gain essential life skills such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, learning how to use money in shops!

Jessica (15)

Jessica's teacher has told us, "All of the challenges that have been thrown at her she has taken in her stride and just got on with."

Learning the time!