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Reflection No.2

I have mixed feelings about the current lockdown. In comparison to the first, I am finding this one a lot easier. I struggled with the sudden change in life, but now it has turned into the 'norm',

Mentally, I have found myself being quite at ease. I have things that I can do to fill the time. I'm never necessarily bored, which I think makes things a lot easier.

However, I am finding myself being lonely at times. I struggle with getting along with my family, meaning I rely on my friends for emotional and social support. Social media is okay in terms of contact, but it's not the same as their physical presence. Online education has impacted me in both ways, I look forward to hearing the voices of my teacher and friends, but academically I am struggling.

I have a diagnosis of ADHD, therefore I take stimulants to learn the same way others do. However, lockdown has impacted the way they work for me. They have affected my sleeping. Usually I can sleep at least eight hours when I take them, but since lockdown, it has shortened to at least 5 on a good night I think it has something to do with not using my energy since I am taking slow release stimulants just to do two hours worth of work.

Overall, I enjoy the time I have to myself, but I just miss my friends.

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