Reflection No. 3

No matter how long the winter, spring is always sure to follow. A very simple quote from the movie Groundhog Day. No one ever thought it would become a reality. What i mean by this is that lockdown has crashed a repetitive reality upon us. Wake up, online school, walk, stare at the blank nothingness and then repeat the days to come. I believe lockdown has thrust a state of insanity upon me and I often question my own existence. I have struggled against loneliness and the thoughts inside my head. i sometimes question why everything happens and not being able to answer the question of ‘why are we in a national lockdown?’. I dont like being on my own and being an only child makes it all the more lonely. I’d like to remain positive and see where life will take me, but it’s just so difficult. lockdown will end, and COVID will die out, but I don’t think many people will be the same.

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The only word I can say to describe this lockdown is tiring. It is tiring to only be able to do the mundane tasks of life without the ability to look forward to a break or a day out. I feel as though