Reflection No. 4

The only word I can say to describe this lockdown is tiring. It is tiring to only be able to do the mundane tasks of life without the ability to look forward to a break or a day out. I feel as though all I am doing is getting out of bed, eating, walking to my desk to start uni online, eating, then going back to bed. Every day feels and looks the same and it is so much harder to find the motivation to do it all over again. But from somewhere we find the motivation to do what needs to be done because we have to. We have no choice but to. I know that lockdown is coming to an end soon and I know all my hard work will pay off eventually and that makes it slightly more worthwhile. I can’t wait for the day to see my friends again, to be able to have a conversation in the street with someone I’ve just met, to be able to smile at someone in the supermarket aisle without hiding behind a mask, to look forward to the weekends and days out with the people I love. I can’t wait for life to be normal again and I know the guidelines for spring and summer are not yet fully normal, but they are a start to normality and that is enough.

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